Our company has a license No. DA19IB0004 issued by the State Environmental Service on 10.10.2012, which allows us collecting, transporting, processing and performing management of waste according to the normative standards of the Republic of Latvia.


Rules and regulations

We buy worn-out catalysts from physical and legal persons:

  1. Catalysts are accepted both in ceramics body and metal body starting with 1 kg;
  2. Giving them in metal body, the price is defined using a catalogue (weight, metal composition);
  3. Giving cut-out ceramics, humidity % and pollution is removed (soot, oil);
  4. Small pieces and dust is removed from the ceramics only after XRF analyses;
  5. Ceramic car catalyst must have natural humidity - without asbestos and Ta, W, Pb, Cd, Se admixtures;
  6. Ceramics shall contain natural soot and dust;
  7. Ceramics cannot be washed in chemical liquids or oil;
  8. Ceramics cannot be crumbled up;
  9. Ceramics must be clean (car catalysts with oil, water or other liquids are not accepted).


Price determination

Thanks to latest technologies available to the company, we can define precise price for each catalyst by XRF analyses using modern equipment.

After sample’s crumbling up XRF will be evaluated. According to the results of analysis, a calculation is performed and the procurement price is defined for kg, according to the fixed price (Pt, Pd, Rh) on the date of transaction.


Price changes

The company retains rights to change procurement prices, as well as action prices depending on the metal fluctuations in the world market. You may learn more about market tendencies here: